Universus- Best Play To Earn Game

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Universus- Best Play To Earn Game

Universus is a gaming world that uses the same NFTs and systems across different games. Games will be available on both PC and Mobile platforms. Universus gameplay is inspired by Clash Royale, No Man’s Sky and Fortnite.

In the role of Intergalactic Explorers, players depart from planet Earth in Spaceships to find Resources and adventures. Get together with your friends and live unforgettable moments on lush and diverse Planets. In Universus you conquer the future amid explorations, battles, inventions, trade, travel, tournaments and much more.

Our mission is to build a solid environment for both the traditional games community and the Play-to-Earn community. The project is based on an exhaustive analysis of the NFTs market and the whole Crypto space. Universus is part of a new generation of games, which seeks to bring reward opportunities through a model that is fun for everyone and at the same time deep in its strategies.

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Universus- Best Play To Earn Game

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