Crypto Summoner-Best Crypto Game

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Crypto Summoner-Best Crypto Game

Crypto Summoner is a new and exciting Play-2-Earn Blockchain game running on the BSC with exceptional graphics and veteran blockchain developers. Over 18 Gods to summon with rarity ranging from Uncommon to Legendary!. Our innovative features will be the forefront of next generation Click to Earn GameFi.


Summon your Gods, Earn $SMNR and Level up!: Upon being summoned, each Gods can enter the battlefield. As the summoner takes his gods to battle, summoners can earn $SMNR for every battle while strengthening the gods through leveling up. The stronger the gods are, the more $SMNR can be earned.

Evolve: The gods are born in their newborn form. As the gods reach level 10 and 20, the gods will evolve to a stronger and final life form and presents the summoner with higher rewards upon victory in the battlefield

Artifacts: Purchase our artifacts pack and equip the gods to increase the earning potential and boost your chance to defeat the Chimera World Boss! Each Gods can be equipped with only 1 artifact so choose wisely!

NFT Marketplace : The plaza enables summoners to freely trade their gods and artifacts to maximize your chance on the Battlefield

Chimera World Boss: Sacrifice you $SMNR to have a shot of defeating the Chimera world boss and take home the jackpot. For each $SMNR staked to battle the Chimera world boss that resulted in failure, the $SMNR is automatically added to the Jackpot pool prize.

Unique Traits: Each gods can have a unique trait inherited upon summoning making them unique amongst other gods. Some gods will have the ability to increase the winning chance by 10% while some can trigger 10x reward upon victory! Some gods are so unique that there’s only one like that in the game!

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Crypto Summoner-Best Crypto Game

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