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your earth dao EDP5Tdu MC2X 1 Home

Your Earth Dao – Best Play To Earn Game

Your Earth Dao – Despite the advent of decentralized web applications through the initial implementation of first generation blockchain networks such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, it has been a challenge to deploy scalable, high-end industrial grade applications due to their

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galactic reborn 2dXcVt0jEKaD 1 Home

Galactic Reborn- Best Play To Earn Game

Discover the unknown. | Expand your empire. | Conquer the stars Endless galaxies are waiting for you! Welcome to Galactic Reborn – the ultimate space conquest game. Create your own empire, battle other players, and stake your claim in the

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piratera cZLUSB7RzxuK 1 Home

PIRATERA – Best Play To Earn Game

Piratera is an adventure game with attractive gameplay, fascinating storyline and unique game art; in which players are able to earn tokens by joining in-game battles or contributing to the ecosystem. Getting in Piratera world, players will assume Pirate Captain

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cryptosnowboard 2Uhc0IQSBqFC 1 Home

CryptoSnowboard – NFT Game

CryptoSnowboard is a blockchain game on Binance Smart Chain from the same creators of CryptoSkates, where you can build your crypto snowboard and win battles to earn tokens. All NFTs are based on blockchain technology. That means everything can be

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dinodawg kingdom 43o2Mqvu5i0S 1 Home

Dinodawg Kingdom – Best NFT Game

Dinodawg Kingdom™ is a collection of cheeky critters from Oscar winning VFX artist Adam Dewhirst (movie credits include Guardians of the Galaxy, Batman the Dark Knight and Tenet). Earn our native token $BONE. Our staking program is already live –

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maxresdefault 33 Home

Impostors- Best Blockchain Game

WHAT IS IMPOSTORS Metaverses are boring without games, and competitive games lack social connection. There needs to be a middle ground. Social gaming bridges the gap between today’s Twitch culture and the future of immersive metaverses. Impostors is a AAA

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meme lordz XO5Lkj21h7wR 1 Home

Meme Lordz – Best Blockchain Game

Meme Lordz is a NFT based blockchain game powered by the BSC network. A top-down RPG utilising Chainlink VRF to immortalise each Meme Lord as a Non-Fungible-Token. Battle, bind and collect as you journey through a mysterious land powered by

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golf impact kwqs9evBI2U0 1 Home

Golf Impact – Best Blockchain Game

Golf Impact  The world’s first, next-generation Web3 mobile golf game is now available to play right on your mobile device! Tee off and compete with players across the globe in real-time to earn tokens! Swing, win, and earn! Compete with

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terra darwin g nIMescUlN8 1 Home

Terra Darwin – Best Play To Earn Game

Terra Darwin is Open-World Survival Strategy RPG. Explore, Fight&Rebuild Civilization. Terra Darwin is an open-world survival-building blockchain game currently in development. Players will take on the role of apocalyptic survivors, fighting alien creatures on Planet Darwin, and exploring, collecting, creating,

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cryptobay mfMXLSW2eQRG 1 Home

CryptoBay-Best Crypto Game

Cryptobay is a play-to-earn metaverse game platform on BSC. Users can buy and build ships, fight against pirates in adventure, fight against players in arena, participate in boss battles, build their own harbors, recruit captains and raise pets, and participate

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tap fantasy skwOLcNMFD0E 1 Home

Tap Fantasy- Best Play To Earn Game

is a GAMEFI + Metaverse product. TAP delivers both… AXIE’s PLAY TO EARN module and… Roblox’s DESIGN TO EARN developer module. Our product fills the gap in the current market. is a MMORPG blockchain game developed by HTML 5. Players

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the remnants 3N PUcYvVCdK 1 Home

The Remnants- Best Play To Earn Game

The Loot/Explore system will allow you to send your Remnant on a loot trip in search of rare rewards. You can select a location you would like to loot from the map. Initial Loot trip locations will include; Longwood Correctional

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kogs slam 0z3mBy5hJZkX 1 Home

KOGs: SLAM! – Best NFT Game

KOGs are collectible & playable non-fungible tokens (NFTs) What’s an NFT? Non-fungible tokens are digital assets registered on an unchangeable blockchain. Best of all, no two NFTs are exactly alike. And once we mint a series of KOGs, that’s it.

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wildcard 2b9hmUD1pcFj 1 Home

Wildcard – Best Blockchain Game

Wildcard is a first-of-its-kind hybrid of real-time strategy, arena-based MOBAs, and collectible card games, all powered by the blockchain. Witness the pulse-pounding mix of action and strategy. Champions from across the cosmos gather collectible cards to create decks, summoning distinct

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maxresdefault 12 1 Home

Cooltopia – Best NFT Game

Cooltopia, Cool Cats are a collection of programmatically random-generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The 1st generation consists of 9,999 randomly assembled Cats from over 300,000 total options. Cool Cats have a variety of outfits, faces, and colors. Each Cool

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golden bros SFw3ufhU1YgQ 1 Home

Golden Bros- Best Blockchain Game

Simple controls! Exciting battles! Real-time 3 vs 3 combat shooter powered by blockchain technology As this big player in the traditional gaming industry makes its first appearance in the crypto space, Golden Bros is designed to be genuinely fun and

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cosmic assassin E7qwdNsUODoX 1 Home

Cosmic Assassin- Best Blockchain Game

Dive into the interstellar battlefield of Cosmic Assassin, an extraordinary multiplayer shooter game. This isn’t your typical battlefield; it’s a cosmic duel arena, pushing your skills to the outer limits. Strap in and prove your mettle in a game that’s

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screenshot 0 1647922597 Home

SoccerHub – Best NFT Game

SoccerHub is the very first play-to-earn multiplayer soccer manager game which is a combination of the traditional soccer manager game and the trending NFT game. $SCH is such a universal soccer fan token built on multi-chain networks including Binance Smart

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mortifier ZxBoYkH1saGI 2 Home

Mortifier- Best Play To Earn Game

Mortifier .Mortifer is a knowledge-based competitive shooter Play to Earn game, compounded with blockchain technology. Players fight each other, with the outcome of the battle determined by the proper weapon selection and strategy. Everything in the game depends on the

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monster battle eLswjkpZGcxM 1 Home

Monster Battle – Best NFT Game

Monster Battle is committed to building many infrastructure including complete DAO, NFT, Gamefi.With certain innovative projects, to create an innovative decentralized game. Monster Battle is a TCG (Trading Card Game) card battle game, available to anyone. To purchase and own

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22 racing series Qg5TIW Vkt7p 2 Home

22 Racing Series – Best Play To Earn Game

Welcome to ‘Real-Time Strategy Racing’ (RTS-Racing) 22 Racing Series Gran Turismo meets Wipeout, meets Starcraft, meets Monopoly? This is future vehicle technologies built upon simulated physics with track/sector capture, resource ownership, race-time vehicle upgrades, track abilities, vehicle tuning and more.

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civitas YlRXftdyvJ8e 1 Home

Civitas – Best Play To Earn Game

Civitas is a play & earn community-driven city-building game where every citizen can customize their plot(s) of land with unique structures and items they’ve acquired or crafted. Every structure placed on a player’s land will influence its statistics and ability

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runnect x3qGaJC2j6AK 1 Home

Runnect – Best Play To Earn Game

Runnect includes basic features of health support, exercise tracking, and self-change tracking. Create healthy habits in the community with running, swimming, GYM and cycling activities. Explore a variety of exciting games on Play to earn

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monstropoly eRgjAWikv5xh 1 Home

Monstropoly – Play To Earn Game

Monstropoly is a mobile esports game built over a play to earn model. This casual shooting game brings PvP & cooperative PvE modalities and a juicy portfolio of cosmetic skins and rich gameplay. Monstropoly has created different possible paths to

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age of cryptology q J3i5CMKn27 1 Home

Age of Cryptology- Best Play To Earn Game

Age Of Cryptology (AOC) is a Play & Earn ecosystem deployed on the Binance Smart Chain which combines thrilling and entertaining lore with the possibilities that blockchain technology offers. In AOC every asset is an NFT (Non-fungible token) which allows

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simps game bEA5fdQlW7kZ 1 Home

Simps Game – Best Play To Earn Game

Simps game is a risk-reward strategy game that has a relatable theme, vivid story, and a unique style of pixel art. The game takes place in a metaverse called the Simp City, a place where the players will witness thousands

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zero manor WqCys8ZbFw5c 1 Home

Zero Manor- Best Blockchain Game

Zero Manor A sudden outbreak of a virus led to humans being bitten and infected, and zombies began to roam. Some water sources and food were also contaminated, causing the world to fall into an apocalypse… The farm has plots

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